national process serving, certified document, properly signed process document

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     Definition: The verifiable delivery of legal documents. After successful service of process, the process server usually prepares an affidavit affirming the details of the service are true and correct. Most courts require affidavits of service to be signed and notarized before being admitted into legal proceedings. In the United States of America, service of process laws are sometimes referred to as rules of civil procedure. Process servers are normally required to comply with the laws from the state the documents originate from, not the state in which the documents are served.

national process serving, certified document, properly signed process document

Elite Legal Services has developed an extensive network of experienced and professional process servers throughout the United States and beyond. We are passionate about providing our clients with the absolute best service possible, and our commitment to successful service of process is unparalleled. You can trust the knowledgeable and dedicated staff at Elite Legal Services to serve the correct documents to the correct person, anywhere on the planet.

If the defendant is alive, we'll serve them. If they're dead, we'll tell you where they're buried!

Why Choose Us?
  • Experiece - Dedication - Integrity
    Every member of our team is selected based upon these characteristics. Our clients feel safe entrusting their legal documents to our network of professional process servers because we constantly earn and reinforce that trust. At Elite Legal Services, we believe trust is the foundation of a strong business, and we do everything possible to exemplify the characteristics embodied in our name.

  • World Class Customer Service
    If the client isn't happy, we're not happy. We consistently hear from clients about the impressive professionalism and courteousness displayed by our staff. The process serving industry is not well known for a friendly customer service experience. In fact, many process servers readily admit they became process servers partially because they don't like people! At Elite Legal Services, we set the standard for knowledgeable, courteous, and helpful service. We send a customer satisfaction survey with every invoice so that we can identify and correct any mistakes. 98% of our clients say they are satisfied with the services they received, and would recommend us in the future.

  • International Process Serving
    Elite Legal Services has developed an international network of licensed process servers. As a result, we have the capability to complete service of process on even the most evasive defendants. We have been entrusted to serve legal documents by many of the most prestigious law firms, insurance agencies, and financial institutions around the world. If your case depends upon irrefutable proof of service, you can depend on the experts at Elite Legal Services to provide it.

  • Honest Pricing
    At Elite Legal Services, the price we quote is the price you pay. There are never hidden fees, and we don't charge for mileage, multiple attempts, or notarization of documents. Five attempts of service and a notarized affidavit are always included at no extra charge.

  • Advanced Process Serving Software
    We utilize the most advanced technology solutions available. All of our clients have 24/7 online access to updated attempts, services, and notarized affidavits. Our cutting-edge software allows process servers to update services from a laptop or mobile device directly into our secure database. Clients can also view, store, download, print, and email documents securely through our website at any time. Best of all, our online services are completely free to all our clients!

  • Volume Discounts
    Elite Legal Services is happy to offer volume discounts for high volume clients. The more we serve, the more you save!

  • Rapid Service
    Elite Legal Services has consistently been ranked as one of the fastest process serving companies in the industry. Our network of experienced process servers and advanced technology solutions gives us the competitive edge that many of our clients rely on. We attempt service within 48 hours of receiving the documents, and we provide a notarized affidavit of service shortly after service is completed. We also offer rush services on cases that need to be attempted immediately.

  • Notarized Affidavits Of Service
    We provide notarized affidavits for every service. If you need an amended affidavit of service, or would like to have additional information included, we'll make the change quickly, and at no extra charge.

  • Defendant Locating
    If you do not have a current address for a defendant, witness, or person of interest, Elite Legal Services can locate them for you at a reasonable cost. As an investigative agency, we utilize the complete arsenal of investigative tools such as skip tracing, asset searches, vehicle plate searches, surveillance, and old fashion door knocking.

  • Committment To Services
    It is common knowledge among lawyers that an easy way to delay a case is to dispute service of process. If there is a misspelling anywhere in the affidavit of service, or the process server cannot clearly articulate the exact details of the service, a judge may find the service to be invalid and require the plaintiff to complete service upon the defendant again. In many instances, completing service upon a now evasive defendant can delay a court case by months. If an especially egregious miscarriage of civil process occurred, a judge can dismiss the case entirely!

    If a defendant or opposing counsel disputes any service completed by Elite Legal Services, we GUARANTEE that our process server will testify in court about the validity of the service. Our process servers are professionally trained in responding to questioning under intense cross-examination. Elite Legal Services stands behind every service, every time.